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Question: How many blackbird babies would you have said were in yesterday’s photo?

There had originally been 4 eggs – and so I presumed there would be 4 babies. However, on my photographic opportunity today, it appears that we have only 2 little nestlings!?!

I’m concerned by what may have happened! I’ve been out at work all day today and it’s been hot, so plenty of chance for other birds – or other such prey – to be about. Have two been stolen? Has one died? Or maybe there were just two birds in the shot yesterday after all? What do you think???

I suddenly feel very responsible – and I’ve developed this overwhelming urge to protect them in some way. But what can I do without causing potential distress to them or their parents? My beau says ‘just let nature have its way. If they survive, then it’s meant to be.’

I’m all for nature, but I’m also all for giving her a bit of help!! Any ideas anyone?

Here are the little nestlings at day 2 of their existence. Aren’t they gorgeous?! (Although I agree Lynn at Tialys, that only a mother could really love them!)

And in response to Wandering Seniors’ request, here’s a picture of momma too:

She keeps giving me the watchful eye – and I really hope that she’s not freaking out at me being around! That’ll teach her for nesting at the bottom of our garden!

We also seem to have other wildlife happening in our little fold. The other night when I turned on the outside light just before bedtime, lo and behold, there rested a hedgehog! Of course, he soon disappeared (and before I could grab the camera!) And earlier, whilst clearing pots behind our garden mangle, I found two frogs, presumably from a nearby pond taking refuge in our rainwater! One of which I managed to snap before he hopped off!

Please cross everything for the little birdies – and if you’re religious then say a little prayer too please as I’m really hoping to be able to complete this chapter with a success story ;-)