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Thank you all for your lovely comments and words of advice on my last post (especially the comical comments about me talking in a half-whisper a la Monsieur Attenborough!) To date, all appears well – momma leaves them to get food and dad occasionally shows his beak! Typical!

Here are the little nestlings taken at 3 days old – just yesterday.

They have definitely grown and you can now see feathers forming. I am trying to only take one photo each day – as I’m having to use the camera flash..(without it the photo just becomes too blurry despite the macro setting!) but I keep worrying that I’ll blind them with it! Is that possible? I don’t think they have even opened their eyes yet…but that doesn’t stop me being paranoid. I’ve even typed that in Google’s search engine!!!

I took my day 4 pic earlier – although it isn’t as clear, but still shows them growing – and positioned well-cosily! They look like they need a good wash…but look how gorgeous their little beaks are!

Another blog-friend from Etsy has shown the original pics to her partner, who seems to think that there may have only been two babies in the first place. We’ll never know I guess, but that thought makes me feel slightly more at ease (thanks Miss T!)

On a lighter note, I was very excited by what came in the post today…my Eurovision bunting…all 14 metres (45 feet) of it (!!!) ready for our little soiree and contest celebration next weekend!