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I think most followers know that Kate Bush has to be my all time favourite artist. She reminds me of my childhood, is an important link to my sister (who was also a massive fan) – plus Kate was a great influence on my own musicality whilst growing up. I love her quirky-ness, her unusual voice, her flowing dresses, her red crimped hair (well, the Lionheart look anyhow) and her ability to not only song-write, but also to produce her own albums without compromise and through adversity from the record company.

She has recorded a total of 11 albums – only one of which was a greatest hits collection – and that was released over 25 years ago itself. Despite two albums being released within the last 12 months – I think it’s time to remaster and re-release a brand new ‘Best Of’.

It isn’t going to happen of course – simple as. Kate has supposedly commented that she doesn’t like to re-visit old work (despite her recent attempt at re-recording old tunes through ‘The Director’s Cut’) and so sadly, her old masterpieces sit, waiting and un-remastered. So many CDs are being re-released with extra tracks, bonus DVDs and re-packaged artwork – but not Kate’s!!!

So, instead I have designed my own best of compilation (too much time on my hands springs to mind…or is it procrastination!!) including everything from selecting its track listing right down to designing its artwork. This is what I want to see released in the shops just in time for Christmas (I’ve also designed a 2 CD version for the die-hard fans and collectors) ….so Kate, if you’re reading this (!!!) let’s make it happen! ;-)