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My Mother-In-Law is currently visiting for a few days – so we decided to take her to the coast for some fresh sea air – and some fresh fish & chips! My partner and I have a little route that we like to visit along the East coast which starts in Saltburn By The Sea before working our way down to Runswick Bay and Sandsend – before finally reaching Whitby.

The weather stayed dry and the whole day was enjoyable; Runswick Bay holds a special place for my beau and I – so we always particular enjoy visiting there. However, one of the highlights was our visit to Saltburn, where we witnessed a mystery that has taken over the local community and media these last few months. ‘Guerilla knitters’ known locally as the ‘Saltburn Yarnbombers’ have taken over the seaside town, leaving knitted figures and relevant paraphernalia on Saltburn’s landmarks in the dead of night!

At first, knitted books appeared outside the library; then a tray of knitted cakes materialised outside of the cake shop. No one knew who was responsible! More recently there has been a 50 metre long knitted celebration of the olympics – with woollen athletes, swimmers and gymnasts, complete with gold medals, adorning the pier railings.

Still no one has came forward.

Now, regal figures have appeared on the cliff railings in celebration of the Queen’s diamond jubilee – and the story has gone national. Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip all feature within the royal display – which, whilst still present (and seen on our visit), had been slightly vandalised by both the extreme weather conditions and by visiting souvenir hunters! Want to see?

Isn’t it all very cute!!

Still no one knows who is responsible – but whoever it is / they are, it must have taken them hours! They surely must be smiling to themselves, knowing the interest it has created, both within and for the small seaside town. I also hope they have some awareness of the continuing pleasure it has brought to people around and about the region. Tens of people lined up to take photographs, whilst both the young and the old stood around exclaiming their delight at the latest woolly instalment.

Long may they yarn-bomb!