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The beginning of August saw us, if you remember that far back, with the mother-in-law and a visit to the Saltburn Yarn-bombers. Just the following week it was the turn of my own mother to go away for a few days; it’s her birthday at this time and so we usually take her away somewhere to celebrate. This is her 77th birthday and this year she wanted to go to the seaside – and so I organised a trip to the Norfolk coast. I hadn’t been for years and it was somewhere I also wanted to visit again.

We started off in Southwold and stayed the night in a lovely little B&B a few miles away. The pier was really cute and we had the best fish & chips ever whilst staring out to sea!

From here we drove up the coast, taking in various picturesque villages and other seaside towns before reaching Cromer.  We’d booked an inn on the edge of town which had a balcony view of the beach and sea below. Mum’s room was particularly spacious (apparently it is usually kept for any honeymoon couples!) and ours had a very cute (but small) turret which also had a wonderful sea-view.

I really loved Cromer – it had a pier, cute shops, beautiful buildings – and felt very friendly. Despite being the height of Summer it also didn’t feel over crowded (unlike some of the other nearby resorts).

My sister was also staying nearby on holiday so she travelled to see us for the evening. It was particularly great to catch up with my two nephews and niece – who are oh so cute! Want to see?

We did travel around the countryside – and took in quite a few new places – before sadly returning home…but not before calling in at the grave of my Great-Uncle Sonny who (ironically) is buried in Cromer. I was throughly impressed by Norfolk, its cute churches, windmills and hideaways and I can completely understand why they’ve started saying that Norfolk is the ‘new’ Cornwall!

We will be returning…