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Where DOES the time go!!!??

Despite having literally hundreds of postcards crying out to be utilised, photoshopped and transformed – I seem to have lost a little bit of passion for my Houdini Card shop over at Etsy. I’ve only had a few sales this year and so have wondered several times whether or not to completely close the shop – and return to making cards simply for myself (which is how I originally started!)

I’ve also got some postcards which I believe would be great within scrapbooks or as images on invitations – but not necessarily on a greeting card as such. I decided to look into opening another Etsy shop to showcase these images for people to see and potentially purchase. I sought words of wisdom from Trishia, Queen of Digital Scans herself on Etsy & Zibbet – who gave me some advice and some excellent food for thought.

And from here…Houdini Images was born!

I only have 6 digital images listed for sale so far – (see below) but intend to add plenty more, as and when I have time. It does take lots of time to scan, photoshop, enhance, describe and then list an item for sale; but the good thing about the scans are that they are really easy to relist…with all of the hard work and ‘blurb’ already researched and complete!

I like images that are a little bit different – and that are flexible in their use. I believe that quite a few of the images above would work well within fancy dress or hen party invites or ‘save the date’ correspondence.

Please let me know what you think to the images and my shop which you can see HERE – and I am always open to constructive criticism and words of advice.

Lovely to see you all again x