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I thought I’d fill you in with the latest (of what I know) on the little baby blackbird.

I continued my daily regime of taking a single photograph of the nestling – and you can see on the two pictures below (Day 7 & Day 8) how much it has grown and developed into something a lot more recognisable with feathers!

Bigger birds (including magpies) could be seen around and I was often infuriated to see that momma blackbird would leave the nest for long periods of time! I know that she had to find more substantial food, but she appeared to often ignore the fresh worms and other sources of food that I would leave next to her nest or nearby in the garden for her to see. Maybe she had the taste for something more insect like instead!

I kept watch as best as I could.

On day 9 I managed to take a few shots of them together in the nest…how cute are these!!

…as well as a causal solo shot of the little one taken on one of momma’s food hunts…

All seemed well. But on my rise the following morning I was greeted with this sight…

…all I can hope is that at 10 days old, momma thought it was time to fledge the nest – away from magpies and nosey photographers! There didn’t seem undue distress to the nest or anything – so I’m hoping that they weren’t attacked in any way by other birds or local wildlife. I have seen several blackbirds flying around the garden still – and they seem to be in and out of the hedge (did they move there instead I wonder?) although there has been no sign of the fledgling.

All I wish is that it survived…but nature is nature and despite enjoying my recent David Attenborough watch (and whisper), I have to make peace with the fact that nature will always have its way.

Wherever you are…bye bye blackbird.