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I’ve always loved clocks. The universal passing of time – mixed in with their individual musical chime – along with their decorative faces, hands and features…just does something for me!

It’s no surprise then that my favourite possession after my piano (bought by my wonderful mum when I was a child) is my grandfather clock – another bargain find on eBay of all places! This one dates from 1836 and hosts a beautifully decorated and painted dial face and surround. Isn’t it stunning!

You’d think that I would be wholly satisfied with such a humongous piece of furniture and time apparel – especially as I have other clocks around and about…and realistically how many clocks does one house need!? But, in fact, if I could, I’d have a whole house full of grandfather clocks!!!

I also seem to have developed a new ‘fetish’ for clock faces – although have only purchased 4 so far! I think they look great hung on the wall just as they are – or propped strategically against something to add a bit of colour and character! Want to see them?

What do you think? I had thought about giving one or two of them away as presents to people – but how on earth do I decide which ones to keep!!?? Precisely!…which is why I know I’ll probably end up keeping them all and finding homes for them around the house. That is until I buy my next one…!!