Hope this finds you all festive and well.

Sorry I’ve been away so long…I knew the day would come and I guess it came. Time and life took over – as it does…although I do really enjoy nipping back every now and again to have a good read of all of your delicious blogs!

A lot has happened this year – the main things being that I turned 40 and I got engaged! New friends have arrived and some old ones have fled the friend-ship. The beau has been working hard on his MA too – the dissertation for which has just been handed in! So it’s all been go, go go!

This coming year, however, I have decided to turn my attention instead to a new blog – strictly concerned with just photo’s of those two famous pussies of mine: Misty & Merlin! I’ve always always enjoyed taking photos – and with having two feline models on hand, have decided to post some of my favourite ones – from the past & present (and indeed future) – for all of you to see.

You can find the link here:

mistymerlin billboard

Please take a look whenever you’re passing – and feel free to write and say hello!

Much love and best wishes for 2014!